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Regular maintenance will keep your Toyota or other make and model vehicle run like a champ for a lot longer. Our suite of Toyota services at Fitzgerald Toyota Chambersburg will get just about any vehicle in th3e Gettysburg area running and riding its best with full brake services, oil changes, radiator flush-and-fill, and battery and charging system inspections and maintenance. We also can perform Toyota factory service and other scheduled maintenance services and repairs on just almost any car, truck, van, or SUV.

Tune-Ups & Timely Maintenance

Continual driving in and near Shippensburg will sap fuel economy over time. We can help you to get your best gas mileage and reliable service from your vehicle with timely tune-up services that replace spark plugs and wires, ensures the distributor is in good shape, and change your engine air filter and check the cabin air filter. We check all belts and hoses and replace any that are weak or otherwise worn and might spring a costly leak on a hot summertime drive. A tire balance and rotation service ensure you have good rubber on the road, your tires and wheels roll their best, and your tires last longer.

Suspension & Alignment Services for Safer Travels Around Waynesboro, PA

Road hazards, potholes, and other obstacles can put a beating on your wheels and make them go out of alignment. Our wheel alignment services help to straighten out your travels with two- or four-wheel alignment. If you need new suspension and chassis parts, we have a good supply in our parts boutique. A new tie-rod end, control arm bushings, and other commonly replaced parts can make your car drive more smoothly and restore its proper alignment for safer travels in the Hagerstown, MD area.

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You can schedule any service online and rest assured our experienced technicians will get your car running its best. Make your appointment today!